Mac or PC ?

I’m using MacOS, Windows and Linux pretty much on a daily basis for different parts of my computing needs. This post lists some of the very high level likes and dislikes of each platform relative to my own use. — I’m not trying to convert anyone to switch away from their chosen platform(s).

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. But even those are relative to your own, very personal use-case and past experience, including potential emotional baggage from that. All of those are perfectly valid to run your own life. But they don’t invalidate other people’s priorities and experiences.

I have considerable empathy with anyone who is currently married to their platform of choice, because of one or more negative experiences with the other. – I have horror stories to tell about every platform I’ve ever used. The logical conclusion might be to not use anything anymore. But I’m not ready for living off the grid, so my world keeps being woefully imperfect. 🙂

My current setup

I’m currently using on a daily basis:

  • Win10
    • music making
    • video making
  • Linux (RH and Debian derivatives)
    • server stuff
    • maker stuff
  • MacOS and iOS
    • everything else

Likes and Dislikes


  • like:
    • run older stuff (software and hardware) on a current OS – many ancient 32bit midi apps still work great with current Win10.
    • custom build and upgrade my own computer
  • dislike:
    • forced upgrades sometimes temporarily breaking things
    • extra work to keep secure and private


  • like:
    • free or low cost
    • generally solid for server stuff (though not perfect)
  • dislike:
    • limited and/or tricky hardware support
    • too much work to have decent desktop

MacOS and iOS

  • like:
    • privacy
    • smoothest multi-device integration
    • relatively polished (though not perfect)
    • free or inexpensive Apple software
    • walled garden keeps more crap out (but not everything)
    • M1, M2, … CPU and surrounding architecture
    • Apple trackpads
  • dislike:
    • lack of backward compatibility (I’m still pissed off about the headphone jack)
    • disproportionately expensive for more powerful hardware
    • walled garden prevents me from doing some stuff I would like
    • Apple mice (I always use 3rd party mice).

If I could only have one platform, I’d have to change quite a few of my current approaches and habits and get used to living with more crap.

p.s. Fanboy-ism seems so 1980s — Atari vs Amiga anyone?