DAW Hardware build with Windows 2018

My (reasonably educated but still subjective) checklist for building a Windows-based DAW machine, maybe sometime later this year (2018). Have been building my own DAW – about 5 PCs over 15 years. This page is mostly a place to keep notes for myself – making it public just in case someone else finds this info useful.

I run mostly the latest  version of Cubase Pro plus tons of VST plugins – just very   occasionally dabbling in other DAWs like Maschine, Reason, Ableton Live or  ProTools.


I’m hoping to get well over 5 years out of the configuration around the next configuration, since my current setup (a 6 core Intel i7 CPU based system)  has lasted me that long and isn’t even depressingly slow yet.


I’ve always used Intel – not always the least expensive, but not that important for long-lasting machines. The famous security bugs may not be particularly important for music computers.

Music Maker Websites

The common theme for the following list is music makers who

  • collaborate with and/or use resources provided by other musicians,
  • with varying degrees of social interaction (from “none” to “a lot”),
  • who are not working in the more traditional system and
  • who do a lot of this online.

This list will never be complete – stuff is being added as we bump into it. It’s not attempting to be authoritative. The notes are an attempt at a hint at what the site does, but are very likely incomplete.

If you think something should be updated on this page, get in touch via the contact page.

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